RACV Approved Child Restraint Fitting

You might think that fitting a restraint into a car is an easy task, but it can be quite difficult to get right. In fact, about 70% of child restraints are not installed correctly. A child restraint that is not fitted properly could result in serious injury or even death in a crash. If you have your restraint professionally installed, the fitter can also show you how to use the restraint and answer any questions. Even after the seat is installed, the seatbelt and tether can come loose over time. It's important to check these and also move shoulder straps as children grow. A properly fitted and adjusted car seat is your child's best protection against injury in a crash.

RACV Approved Child Restraint Fitting

Baby Seat Fitting & Installation Melbourne

Fitting a vehicle with a child restraint can often be a difficult task and in fact, can be quite difficult to do it in a manner that offers safety to the passenger. About 70% of the child restraints in Australia are not currently installed properly. If are restraint is not fitted properly and the car is involved in an accident, this could lead to serious injury or even death.

It is important to ensure that if you are getting your car fitted for a child restraint, a professional handler or fitter demonstrates to you how to install and how to use going forward. If you have a child restraint fitted in your vehicle, always check the tether and the seat belt for looseness as this is a common occurrence and must be dealt with as soon as possible.

There is no better protection for your child than a well fitted and adjusted child restraint and anything that is installed for security and protection should be handled by trained and experienced professionals. Here at TYREPLUS Cheltenham, we always say “safety comes first” and this is an especially important approach to have when dealing with your child's safety.